Rjm supercharger 370z

RJM will be stocking these pulleys and you can choose which one you want when you order. RJM also has told me they have a few kits on the shelf for fast turn around.

Technically speaking we can run the lower pulley up to 6. Would it be possible to have a thread similar to the Fast Intentions and others that have the builds for the kits in one place to review build data and dynos, etc.? Something along the lines of Customer X Ordered Stage 1.

One thing to see promotion from the seller. Whole other ball game when its from the customers. Of course. However most of the customers arent even on this board. Most of the media you guys are requesting is actually been posted on facebook and on the RJM facebook page for months now. I can see what I can do to compile that information into a single thread for you guys. Originally Posted by ZontheRocks. There is also a private group for the Whipple owners on facebook. I can share some of the pics, vids and experiences from there.

Originally Posted by bullitt ElmozMemphisZ and wideglideleon like this. Bullitt, any update on the hood? Then save for the whipple.

rjm supercharger 370z

DarkJak likes this. Originally Posted by goeagles My RJM kit is in the garage waiting to be installed.For starters most people get the misconception that a supercharger will produce boost faster than a turbocharger. There is much more to that answer. It all starts with properly piecing together a kit and its intended purposes. Red is supercharged and blue is turbocharged. This will definitely clear up the misconception that a supercharger can out spool a turbocharger.

At RPMs you can see our plot. This correlates directly into power and torque of course! I bet you can probably tell me which car would be funner to drive. Horsepower for the supercharged engine is whp and whp for the turbocharged engine. You can also see that peak power is also higher on the turbocharged engine. A supercharger kit is cost effective to produce and install.

There are less parts and much less labor involved to install it.

370Z RJM Whipple Super Charger Install

The opposite is true for a turbocharger kit. It WILL put a bigger smile on your face, this is fact. Your email address will not be published. Name required. E-mail required. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Be A Fan On Facebook. Posted by : Sebastian Chacoff On : September 28, Sebastian Chacoff. Visit Author's Website.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.This supercharger system took over a year to develop and involves some revolutionary designs.

This supercharger system is developed to offer the customer easy upgradability and installation without requiring a hood replacement to complete the installation!

rjm supercharger 370z

With this supercharger system we bump the power output to over horsepower! With lots of room to grow! Some of the more noteworthy features of the supercharger are: Air to water intercooler : By redesigning the intake manifold we were able to incorporate the intercooler inside the manifold, thus allowing us to cool the air charge immediately before the air enters the engine.

Because water is 4 times more efficient at dissipating heat than air, we are able to utilize a more compact heat exchanger to cool the water. Custom Intake Plenum : Air to water intercooling is not the only benefit of the redesigned intake manifold. By increasing the runner length we are able to increase torque.

Also, the large volume of the intake manifold allows the engine to draw from a much larger than factory air source.

Vortech V3 supercharger : This supercharger system incorporates the Vortech V3 self-lubricating supercharger system. With a completely sealed supercharger system there is no concern of having to run additional oil lines or anything like that. Also, the V3 supercharger is a much quieter system than previous models. The major features to the Vortech supercharger are the ease of upgrading power later on, as well as the installation without having to modify the hood! The supercharger system comes in two options.

Either fully tuned most popular or Tuner. The tuner kit does not come with any fuel management and comes with no warranty expressed or implied. You can customize a kit to your liking with the options below.Especially the ! Hurry as quantities are very limited and always sell out this time of year. Secure yours before they're all gone! Read More. All new 2nd Gen Design currently under development.

Facebook-f Twitter Instagram Youtube Envelope. Why buy rjm clutch pedal system? North America LHD. G35 Coupe 03' - 07' 6MT. G35 Sedan 03' - 06' 6MT. Order Now! Latest News! Check out this customer review posted by AnthonyJ Play Video. Available for Custom Order Now, Limited quantities. Click below to learn more! Right hand drive:.

Ford Mustang. What others are saying Took me 5 mins to get the old pedal out. Follow the instructions and you wont have a problem at all even if you have no mechanical experience. Its very cool how its fully customizable and you can set it exactly how you want it to be. I just left it how it came and it feels perfect. First impression after installing it, the pedal feels decently light and very smooth feeling.

Then when I first drove the car, OMG what a difference! The stock pedal was frustrating and a pain to drive. I barely drove my car because of that, you would have to shift perfectly to not get a jump.

With this new pedal, it feels like a normal car like it should've been from factory! Shifting and rev matching is a breeze now.As the import performance tuning world continues to set performance records that seemingly defy physics with built versions of the Nissan R35 GT-R, the capabilities of the Nissan Z are sometimes forgotten. The Z, brother to the only currently produced Japanese supercar, continues to deliver one of the best bang-for-the-buck performance values in the world.

Seeming to be the perfect solution for maximizing street-legal performance with a Z, we had to put it to the test. As the previous owner of a Z32 Nissan ZX twin-turbo Turbo magazine cover car that was tweaked to deliver over flywheel horsepower, Carlos is no stranger to high horsepower, rear-wheel-drive street cars.


The prospect of having a Z with about street-legal horsepower sounded great. The hunt ended with this Brilliant Silver Z Sport with just over 6, miles on the clock.

Besides exhibiting different boost curve characteristics, positive-displacement and centrifugal superchargers also differ in efficiencies. A low-efficiency supercharger requires more horsepower to be stolen from the crankshaft to reach a certain pressure ratio and mass flow rate. Hence, higher efficiencies are always the aim when looking for a compressor.

In general, centrifugal superchargers offer the highest compressor efficiencies, followed by screw-type positive displacement superchargers and finally non-screw, roots-type positive displacement superchargers.

Hence, the system, regardless of supercharger type, must be engineered to operate the right size supercharger and the right speeds for peak efficiencies and performance. Previous Article Pikes Peak September 10, 0. July 18, 0. June 20, 0. Comments are closed.Originally Posted by Jayhovah I guess just active enough to have the other thread locked. Probably a matter of time until this one is locked Originally Posted by Jayhovah. I guess just active enough to have the other thread locked.

Everyone should go back and read his replies as rjm. He even tells another member that they're toxic and what's wrong with this community.

Its definitely not people like mike and bobby The truth is starting to come out. Sorry it happened to you. Mike is a special type of scumbag.

BOOST TEST: Stillen 370Z Supercharger System

The only use for the truth that he has is using pieces of it to paint a larger deception. He certainly doesn't value the truth. Originally Posted by nomodsjk. JARblueRusty and Elmoz like this. Last edited by jwick; at PM. Mike locked it because he doesn't want me to tell his little secret about that thread Last edited by Spooler; at AM. JARblueRusty and "Z"en like this. This thread is next. I have to post this. Originally Posted by Rusty. RustySpoolerwideglideleon and 1 others like this.

Originally Posted by Whjaxn Originally Posted by Spooler.

rjm supercharger 370z

I already knew this. I knew that it was Mike posting as RJMRJM has asked me to keep track of it here for you guys and to open the. RJM has asked me to keep track of it here for you guys and to open the offer for you to join the Pre-Order.

But before we get into all that I wanted to go into some details of the kit: The RJM Supercharger kit is a twin screw positive displacement supercharger with a capacity of 2. This means for every rotation of the screws 2. Stock block and stock 7at Transmission. Noted mods are stillen headers, tomei y Pipe and Amuse exhaust. Also completed on a "heart breaker" dyno. The power delivery of this kit is perfect for the light weight of our cars.

Stage 1 kits can be run on Stock components and is designed to allow the kit to grow with the user without having to replace major components.

However, it is suggested for 6mt owners to upgrade their clutches and 7at owners to upgrade their transmissions RJM has an option better and cheaper than level 10 for 7at owners.

Given that the stock block is limited to approximately ftlbs the stage 1 kit is designed to stay under those limits. If you want more power there are options to go Stage 1. So needless to say we have room to grow unlike other super charger kits on the market. Here is a flyer from Zdayz So what comes with the "Turn Key" kit? Attached Images whipplezdayzflyerfront. Been a long time coming but the wait is finally over!

Being "turnkey", does it not come with a base tune? ZontheRocks likes this. Originally Posted by nomodsjk. Originally Posted by axmea? Rusty likes this. Originally Posted by Korstix. Originally Posted by bullitt Yes it will. However, it is highly recommended that you get a custom tune. But you should be good to drive around on the base tune. Hey Guys I am looking for a manual transmission car to put a kit on in July.

PM me if your interested. So far all our pre-orders are auto cars. Which is surprising! Bullitt, will the Hood cowl fit an AMS style hood, with the vents? Originally Posted by EZT.

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